Encounter of Imagenations 8.-17.6.2002

- a cinema get-together of European youth from 8th to 17th June at Sodankylä Midnight Sun Film Festival

“I love cinema. I loved. As long as it was.” 
- Director Aki Kaurismäki, Helsingin Sanomat 24.5.2002

Encounter of Imagenations. Kuva Lasse Lecklin.


The Event

Simultaneously with the Sodankylä Midnight Sun Film Festival 2002 a group of young Europeans interested in cinema will meet in Sodankylä, Finland. Euphoria Borealis has invited three groups from Germany, France and Czech Republic, all together around twenty young people get together in the wonderful surroundings of the nature of Lapland. The event had as a starting point a need to observe the cinema in Europe from the point of view of the youth. Regional inequality and the pressure of other media towards cinema wakes up the urge to act. The aim is to bring new viewpoints to the discussion about cinema and to encourage to keep it lively among the youth, the professionals and the media during and after the festival.

The participants work in workshops for the week and prepare studies (e.g. a short film or documented interviews, all kinds of material without any restrictions) on the themes they consider as interesting, bringing new aspects and viewpoints to the cinema field. The material product daily is shown for all the festival spectators in two places in the heart of the festival, at Kitisenrannan koulu (the school) and at the festival club in hotel Kultainen Karhu.

The event has intercultural co-operation as one of the main aspects and aims. It is all about Imagenations: exploring, sharing and experimenting countries, nations and their traditions through images. Cinema is something we have in common but at the same time every nation has its own particularities and there are various ways to reflect one’s culture via images. Sharing a culture and its habits through something we all know – cinema – makes familiarising a lot easier. The main idea is to talk about cinema and cultures in many ways: seriously, mindlessly, experimentally – all the time enjoying the midnight sun and forming contacts to the international guests, local and festival people.


The organising group of the event is Euphoria Borealis, a team of Finnish young cinema enthusiasts. Euphoria Borealis consists of people both people working on cinema and just cinema lovers, who all share the same passion. The Encounter of Imagenations is organised as a venue independent from the festival.

Co-operative organisations

The event has got subsidies from the European Committee’s YOUTH programme, which is particularly specialised in supporting European Youth’s multicultural projects. In Finland the organisation in charge of the programme is CIMO. Also the Sodankylä Midnight Sun Film Festival and director Aki Kaurismäki are supporting the project, as well as the Sodankylä Municipalities, Villes et Cinémas en Europe – organisation in France and PAND – Artists For Peace.

Additional information may be asked from Susanna Okker, the producer of the event.

Encounter of Imagenations. Kuva Lasse Lecklin.


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