The darkness is finally starting to shift and it’s time to turn our faces to the future! We’re happy to announce that Helsinki International Kino Kabaret is happening again this year, dates are 9.-18.7.2019
This year we are doing something different – our Kino Lab is a more secluded spot in the forest of east Helsinki called Meriharju (or Meriharjun luontotalo, The Nature House of Meriharju) (teaser pictures attached)

Since it’s a bit smaller location, we’re not going to fit as many participants as we have in the previous years, so we’re going to do the registrations as follows:

25.2.-8.4. is the application period. We will announce the selections to the kino by 19.4., and in case of cancelations etc. we open the waiting list on 1.5.

Kino Forest! Kino Camp! Kino Seaside! It’s going to be so beautiful! Stay tuned for the opening of the applications!

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