Kino Kabaret Budapest 14.-20.10.2016

Euphoria Borealis is happy to be a partner in the first edition of the film making workshop KINO KABARET BUDAPEST 2016 which will be held from 14th OCTOBER to 20th OCTOBER 2016 in a very nice location Auróra in central Budapest. You can sign up at The deadline for participant’s submission is SEPTEMBER 20, 2016 and we can take up to 60 first filmmakers (any profession), actors and artists.

Kino Kabaret is a type of innovative, experimental film making workshop lasting 6 days (2 x 3 days sessions), which gathers film makers from all over the world to create short, low budget (or no budget) films. Under one roof you will find amateur and professional film makers with diverse professions, nationalities, ages and gender all creating films with almost no financial means! The emphasis is on effort, creativity and enthusiasm and having a healthy dose of fun. The idea of Kino Kabaret is based on creative approach, mutual help, sharing equipment, exchange and confrontation of ideas in a non-competitive environment and getting to know various cities from a new perspective.

You can attend as a director, scriptwriter, DOP, actor, boom operator, editor, gaffer, musician, composer, sound designer, animator, SFX, gaffer, producer, make-up artist, costume designer or assistant… Alternatively, any other creative support is always welcomed to help produce short films in the international crew which will be created during the workshop.

And we welcome both HUNGARIANS and FOREIGNERS! :) Don’t be shy and make new friends!!!

You can apply for the whole week (6 days + welcome party) or just for 3 days (1 session), depending on your time availability – see the schedule:

1st Session:

October 14 (FRI):
arrivals of foreign kino participants
14:00 – meeting at Auróra – bicycle orientation trip around the city with foreign participants
18:00 – registrations at Auróra
19:00 – welcome party at Auróra
21:00-04:00 Halál;orgazmus // Lemezbemutató // + Pörkölt Projekt, Padkarosda

October 15 (SAT):
9:00 – breakfast at Auróra (breakfast is served for participants for free everyday during the workshop at Auróra from 9-13:00)
10:00 – 1st production meeting – pitching film ideas, scripts, creating crews
afternoon – shooting
20:00-22:00 ŰrRevű (performance)
22:30-00:00 Watican Punk Ballet
00:00-03:00 AURÓRA & KinoKabaret Budapest all star dj’s special

October 16 (SUN)
shooting continues, postproduction in Auróra

October 17 (MON)
postproduction in Auróra
18:30 Deadline for films delivery
20:00 Screening at Auróra – open to general public
22:30 Agavoid

2nd Session:

October 18 (TUE):
9:00-10:00 – Accreditation of new participants
10:00 – 2nd production meeting – film scripts and ideas presentation and creating film crews
12:00-? – Shooting
20:00-22:00 Ed is On

October 19 (WED):
shooting continues, postproduction
21:00-00:00 “Jazzaj / Video opera TYC – The Bar”

October 20 (THU):
18:00 deadline for the films
19:00 all participants leave Auróra and go to cinema
20:00 screening at Bem Mozi Cinema – open to general public
23:00 afterparty with music at Auróra
Freakin Disco and AURÓRA & KINO KABARET BUDAPEST all star dj’s

October 21 (FRI)
cleaning kinolab, chill out – spa time :)

See info on registration fee and more details on our

The partners of Kino Budapest 2016 are: Kino Euphoria – Helsinki, KINO PRAHA, NISI MASA – European Network of Young Cinema,

Visuals by Cristina >>>

Looking forward to see you!!!
Your KINO BUDAPEST 2016 crew: Haruna, Mara, Mathew, Nikol, Celines,Balint, Petra, Zsuzsanna

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