LIM – Less Is More

Euphoria Borealis is happy to be part of launching a new European initiative called LIM – Less Is More, the European platform for project development of limited budget feature films. It’s a project supported by Creative Europe and led by Le Groupe Ouest (France).

The projects first edition is launching in 2017, and it invites 23 core participants, 16 film projects of limited budget feature films selected each year from all over the world to develop films for the limited budget (100.000-500.000€) production.

About LIM

What if lowering the cost of films was a trigger for more creativity and a more in-depth filmmaking? And this without putting always the cost-reduction effort on the filmmakers’ and production teams’ shoulders… What if the issue was to write scripts within cost constraints, and make it a highly creative and stimulating game for writers and directors?

“The enemy of art is the absence of limitations” –Orson Welles

In the last few years, a growing proportion of the most creative and interesting feature films in international independent cinema have been produced with very limited budgets (low to micro-budget cinema). And in our experience of script-development and story-editing, we often witness how reducing the arena of the film (in other terms, « putting the torero closer to the bull »), can help writers strengthen the very essence and core of their stories.

The aim of LIM is to help writers and writer-directors to fully integrate the cost constraint from the beginning of the script development process. Our program is aimed at helping feature projects whose final costs will be between 100.000 and 500.000 euros.

Our aim through LIM is to give the opportunity to a new gifted generation of filmmakers, already known for their short films, to jump into the feature film adventure through the prism of limited budget production. The scheme will also be open to 2nd and 3rd feature film projects, as well as to artists coming from theatre, documentary and visual arts.

LIM’s content

LIM will be structured around 3 one-week workshops in residency in small villages in three different parts of Europe: in 2017, it will be Flanders (March), Transilvania (June), and Brittany (October).
23 core participants, 16 film projects selected each year from all over Europe as well as 4 emerging European producers wanting to strengthen their ability to follow the development of feature film projects within a low to micro budget frame. The development work will be supervised by 4 very experienced script-consultants (all of them being writers in activity) as well as low to micro budget specialists (line producers, first AD, etc.).

Every year, LIM will also provide to participants two events (one in Transilvania International Film Festival, and one on-line) enabling them to present their projects to European producers and film-professionnals. In the meantime, LIM’s goal is to generate the creation of a European network of professionals working around limited and very limited fiction feature film, thus triggering both coproductions, new funding, distribution and broadcasting opportunities. More than 100 film professionals from all over Europe and beyond will be invited to be part of the live event or follow the on-line presentations and masterclasses.

LIM’s main partners

Control N (Romania) is a cultural association aimed at training and helping new talent in Romanian cinema. Control N founders have been closely collaborating with Transilvania International Film Festival – TIFF for the last 14 years. Starting 2012, Control N has been organizing Transilvania Talent Lab, happening during the festival. Control N founders co-wrote and directed Love Building, a micro budget feature film (50,000 €), which ended up being second at Romanian Box Office in 2013.

The Flanders Audiovisual Fund – VAF (Belgium) supports audiovisual production in, as well as international co-productions with Flanders. The Fund was set up by the Flanders government in 2002 and is headquartered in Brussels. The aims of the VAF are threefold: to develop a sustainable audiovisual industry, to encourage and support upcoming audiovisual talent and to promote a vibrant audiovisual culture in Flanders. VAF accomplishes four main tasks. It provides financial support for audiovisual productions (1) and promotes these in Flanders as well as abroad (2). The Fund also grants scholarships, finances professional training and supports/organises workshops (3) as well as carries out surveys on the audiovisual field (4).

Krakow Festival Office – kbf (Poland)
The Krakow Film Commission operates within the structures of the Krakow Festival Office. It supports film production: assists its partners in obtaining all required permits and facilitates access to public locations throughout the region. Partners can refer to a regularly updated database of specialists in film and television production, as well as experienced companies active in the field.
The Krakow Festival Office organise a series of events emphasising Krakow’s role as the European City of Culture. A natural consequence of such an approach is an expansion of the KFO’s purely organisational activity by including the development of the creative industries, cultural tourism, the meetings industry, and the free-time industry.

Associated partners

Euphoria Borealis (Finland) (Poland)
Danish Film Institute – New Danish Screen (Denmark)
iFeatures / Creative England (UK)
TorinoFilmLab (Italy)
Gan Foundation for Cinema (France)
Centre National du Cinéma, CNC (France)


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