CLUB EUPHORIA #18 – 25.1.2017 @B-Side Bar

Take your fist out of your mouth, put some warm clothes on, collect your latest short film with you and come to B-side! Club Euphoria is a warm alternative for mid winter’s dark and cold evenings when you might think it’s better to stay at home.

Club Euphoria is a monthly open screen event for short films. It’s your chance to screen your latest short film, or the film you made when you were 14, or a draft idea, or a music video – anything as long as it was created by you!

Put your film on a USB stick, take the stick with you and come to show it to an audience. We start receiving films at 19:00, and the screening starts around 19:30 or once we have a a nice handful of films on the playlist.

While waiting for the screening to begin, there’s a chance to enjoy B-Side Bar’s Club Euphoria Happy hour prices until the screening starts.

No online streaming for films. If your film only exists in Vimeo/YouTube, download it yourself beforehand for the screening. 

If you don’t have a film to screen this time, join us anyway to enjoy a night among friends and filmmakers! Free entrance.

Recommended specifics for your film:
– H.264 format
– File size max. 1GB
– maximum length 10 min
– 1 film per person regardless of length


See you at Club Euphoria!

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