Kino Euphoria 2018

Join us for the 8th Helsinki International Kino Kabaret, Kino Euphoria ♥
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We will work in three sessions, with one mini challenge / chill out day:
1. session 5.-7.7. with approximately 60hrs of working time
2. session 8.-10.7. with approximately 60hrs of working time
mini challenge / chill out day 11.7.
3. session 12.-14.7. with approximately 60hrs of working time
In the beginning of each session we all get together and filmmakers who have an idea for a short film shall come forward to present their idea. After each director has shared their idea and needs (e.g. “I’d need a cinematographer and someone who knows something about animation” or “I’d need 2 actors and a bathtub” – or “I need someone to write and direct this idea into a film”), we divide into working groups. We start making the films by helping each other out, and after two days of planning & filming (and one raging editing day), we present the films perfectly fresh to the local audience.
Altogether 100 participants will be selected to join the Kabaret.
No previous experience is required from participants, just a passion to make films and/or an interest to make them collaboratively with like-minded people.
The event is not a competition nor a battle against time. Our aim is to create new collaborations and experiment in new fields and methods of filmmaking. We may not have a shiny budget, but we have each other to create what we want. Anything can – and will – happen.
Our general working language is English, however, each working group can decide for themselves what language they speak in their shoot.
We strive to be a platform of peer learning where people can learn from each other.
We practice safer spaces in our workshop with zero tolerance to harassment.

The participation fee for the Kino Euphoria workshop is 15 euros per session. Or, if you are a member of Euphoria Borealis ry, the fee is 12 euros per session.
You can choose to attend one, two or all three of the sessions.
The fee covers using the Kino Lab working space, breakfast, basic drinks and snacks every day, as well as some special lunches/dinners.
Euphoria Borealis ry has a range of equipment that is free to use in the workshop, including (but not limited to) a Zoom H6 recorder and LED panel lights.

All participants coming from outside of Helsinki will be offered accommodation at a local participants’ house, if they so wish.

Each participant will be in charge of their own travel expenses to and from Helsinki.

The maximum number of participants to Kino Euphoria is 100. We fill the places in order of registration, so be swift with filling the form! Filling the form is not obligating, cancellation can be done at any point.
Please note that in case of selection you will have to confirm your participation separately.

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