Kino Obscure in February 2019

Obscure: dark, dim, mysterious / shrouded in or hidden by darkness / not readily understood or clearly expressed / not prominent or famous

Let’s wrap ourselves in obscurity and release weirdness into the world. Join us on this maiden voyage of Kino Obscure to the depths of imagination.

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What is this?

Kino Obscure is a kino kabaret -style short film workshop organized by Euphoria Borealis ry.
We get together on Friday afternoon, everybody presents themselves and those who have an idea for a weird film present their ideas. Then we form working groups and start shooting! On Sunday evening we have a premiere screening of the films ♥

No previous experience in filmmaking is needed, everyone is welcome.

The only limitations are:
– your film can’t be longer than 7 minutes
– no hateful content like racism, homo-/transphobia, misogyny etc. All Euphoria Borealis events are discrimination-free zones and we aspire to make our events safer spaces for everyone.

Get your creative freak on and make films that you couldn’t see or wouldn’t do anywhere else. Try new things, things that might intimidate you in another environment, things that make you feel strange.
We might get it or we might not, but we support you 100%. ♥

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