We missed you! So it’s time for a new event and the first workshop of the year.

One thing about us Euphorians is that we love weird stuff. And apparently so do you! We got such amazing feedback from you oddballs that we’re bringing KINO OBSCURE back! Follow the white rabbit and register here and join the Facebook event here. The dates are 21 Feb – 23 Feb, in case you were wondering.

Kino Obscure is your typical Kino Kabaret where we gather at six pm on Feb 21st, pitch ourselves and our ideas to each other, write, shoot, and edit some short films, and then screen them in no competitive order at a local cinema. Locations for the event are revealed when your registration is accepted. So remember to register!

What makes Kino Obscure so… obscure is the theme of weirdness, which you are welcome to interpret in any way you want! It can be about, for example, the subject, genre, style, theme, characters, overall message… Whatever resonates. We aren’t that strict about this either, so just do whatever you want, okay?

We can’t wait to see all of you and your wacky ideas. See you soon!
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