New Board for 2020

Hi everyone!

We had our first meeting of the year, and we have chosen new members for our board. Current members are:

Aino Havu (President), Irini Kalaja, Ilkka Levä, Anna-Katriina Kykkänen, Joona Möttö, Salla Hongisto, Saara Lahnajärvi (VP), Elka Lupunen, Aleksi Moine and Santeri Helinheimo Mäntylä. Vice members are Jarno Mahlberg and Suvi Myöhänen.


Nice to meet you! We’re looking forward to making lots of new projects and events for you this year, and we hope you continue to participate and enjoy the stuff we create. Our mission as always is to support indie filmmaking in Finland and build an open and creative community where we’re all equal. If this sounds like something you could enjoy, consider becoming a member. If you are already a member, that’s so cool! Thanks for being a fellow Euphorian. See you in the Kino!


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