Horror Film Workshop – Cult of Euphoria 2020

Make a Horror Short Film Online with Others!

We’re happy to bring you a ghoulish way to channel the hardships you’ve encountered this year; making horror short films! (Also sci-fi, dark comedies, gore, and the likes are welcome)

Our first introduction meeting, as well as the screening, will take place online but participants are allowed to meet face-to-face – as long as they practice safety guidelines issued by their government.

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This is a Kino Kabaret workshop organized by Euphoria Borealis ry. No previous experience in filmmaking is required to join the workshop!

How a Kino Kabaret works:
We meet online in the afternoon of Thu 15.10., when everyone introduces themselves and anyone who has an idea for a horrific short film, can introduce their idea to the rest of the group. After that, we use our online platform to divide into working groups – you can participate in as many film projects as your little heart desires! Then we just start making the films, all styles of filmmaking are good – be it directing via Skype or getting together for a shoot. After a weekend of horror (filmmaking) we hold an online screening on Sun 18.10.

There is a participation fee for this workshop:
If you’re a Euphoria Borealis’ member who has paid their membership fee, you shall enter for free! In other cases, you can choose between 6,66 euros and 66,6 euros, your choice! (if you can’t afford even the smaller fee, it’s okay, you’re still welcome, just let us know)

Only limitations in the workshop are…

  • 7min maximum length
  • The theme of horror and the likes
  • In all Euphoria Borealis events, we practice guidelines for safer spaces: Click here to read!

Fill this registration form to receive more precise information and instructions!

See you in this weekend of horrors!

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